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Let our team at Book Boyfriend Buzz help launch your romance novel with all the buzz it deserves!

What is B3?

Book Boyfriend Buzz (B3 for short) is a review service for romance authors of all sub-genres and categories. Our reviewers are carefully vetted based on their reviewing history, enthusiasm for romance novels, and hunger for their next book boyfriend. 

Why should I work with B3?

Because the time and effort required to manage your ARCs is time you could be spending writing your next novel! 

Here at B3, we take care of everything – from offering your book to trusted readers, to sending the file, tracking review links, and following up with stragglers – so you don’t have to worry about it.

Are you a romance fan?

Book Boyfriend Buzz wouldn’t be successful without the enthusiasm and dedication of our review team!

If you read on a Kindle device or app, are willing to post reviews of the books you read (even just a few sentences), and love romance, you might be exactly who we’re looking for.